_____tokio_ 0207_bow_____
by ichico

heat island 35-38c
like in an oven
dizzy days

odd aglow sunset
toward tokio metropolitan towers
sign of quake?

still hot and humid air
but found one red dragonfly
in the cloudy downtown

fewer cars passing thru
cooler winds blowing thru
clearer skies appearing thru

getting much e-dm
about diet diet diet!
cause of summer?

rising sea temp
killing off corals
warmest since 1870

T09 is going forward
T11 is going backward
typhoon rondos

using an olive soap
from palestine
that's neat for humid summer

black summer
black hammer
black monday?

T09 & T11
2 typhoons are coming again
getting tired of their much visit

shinjuku night
temptation & ecstacy
precious stones on the beach

rainy season ended
school holidays started
never sleep city nights

must take a shower
lots times...

2 peaches = 750
1 mc = will b 59
over-food much-spoiled

too tiny babes hysteric
too skinny kids hectic
can be seen lots often

passing through
not so hard wind and rain
so quiet hidden crows

windy center
sunny shoulder
sweaty biker

high cars re-appear
top brands re-wear
big rents re-stair

much humid
much people
much money?

38c tokio yesterday
no clouds hottest day
after typhoon away

not got to tokio heat
but got too humido heat
put north fungo beat

T06 coming nearer
windy and rainy harder
street people fewer

dark sky movin'
with no rainin'
cause of heatin'

heat! humid!
still rainy season though
need more cool wind and rain

7-7 Star Festival
with lots wishes
though cloudy and hottest

clouds are moving quicly
windy, shiny then cloudy
how busy weather and crowded street

typhoon 5 is almost away
but 6 is following
so humid!

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