_____tokio_ 0208_bow_____
by ichico

school holiday end-weekend
bike guys run thru sticky air
people walk thru sticky smell

much complicated things
make us twisted
unhappy and unhealthy

not-neat guys
not-obeyed behavior
not-controlled mind

not-neat guys
not-obeyed behavior
not-controlled mind

strong shiny
thunder head
sunburned air

kid crying loud
something wrong
going painful

found a swallowtail
blue green black
wish cooler autumn

humid cloudy shinjuku
homeless guys watching
odd-formed-face people

cats & dogs
shelter station
cellular chatting guys

tired city
tired guys
tired brain

blue blue sky
white white shine
green black butterfly

celebrate with ramen!?!

getting hard rain
at the end of vacation
at the start of work

mind closing
area closing
no challenge

t13 is coming
humidity is uping
people are backing

closed shops dark
summer time offs
dull-spunky guys cool

apres le deluge
genius vision

windy & shiny
earth is changing
life must change

japanese obon
for buddhist ceremony
people's big wave movement

fading mademoiselle?
brighter madame?
than monsieur?

cloudy day
changing the climate

ceiling is high
empty tokio
in the clearer air

windy tokio
fewer cars
summer vacation started!

no clouds
blue piece of ceiling
autumn-like rayon

it id control was launched
but still no info
for what?

very hot day
reminding that day
everything is in white

very hot day
reminding the day
everything is in white

a little cooler wind
running and feeling
just along the green park

17,160,000 jy - average savings
5,510,000 jy - average debts
amazing japan

after heavy thunderstorm
old guy brings another umbrella
to pick up his grandchild

burning august starts
bicycling in a heat wave
pushing thru lazy crowd

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