_____tokio_ 0209_bow_____
by ichico

too big typhoon is coming
but too quiet
around meiji jingu shrine

so sticky sunday
big T21
is coming
odd weather

jun's piano is really great
like a massage
to be a sound sleep

a little rain tokio
a little dark tokio
seems to be a tired friday-tokio

lots cans sounds
from in yoyogi park
homelesses tiny revenues

economic crisis
youngs crisis
mothers crisi

still strong
still hot
tokio lighting

electric wires with transparent wings?
oh, many dragonflies are resting!

even dolls
so absent so unhealthy
no love no loved

dull face - hollow eyes
drag legs - lay bodies
in a crowded night train

autumn strong rayon
just before 3-day holidays
tama&uta seals the best show?

big-roppongi spreeing no
big-money spending no
big-cars running no

bubble kids
only dreamers only
only within the frame only

little humid night
wet dark night
beyond the sea of japan

tall rain fall
fall festa pall
pall holiday gall

respect for aged day
standing old guys in a car
sit-sleeping kids on a sofa

got a doll show flyer
an absentminded doll
just like japanese kids

13th friday
facing strong wind
even though no typhoon

lots police guys
lots jammed cars
strict alert on

soir historique
by arthur rimbaud
japanese translatin up

be open
and shout
to you yourself

watched sk8er boi of avril
harajuku hokoten copy again
come on tsb!

neo ailing black mind
neo attacking black mind
can be found to young guys

neo visual white form
neo emotional white face
can be found to kids

boys&girls are walking
even in hard rain
even with dripped shoes

need rest & relax
need tea & aroma
for think and act

tokio server down
human software conflict
spreading chain virus

t16 & t17
lots humidity
dazzling heat!

school starts
study starts
work starts

wish cool september
wish beautiful september
wish happier september

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