_____tokio_ 0210_bow_____
by ichico

ending october
nonnoisy tokio avenue
daisy blooming colors

hot choco croissant
otto chococotte corissante
oot chocochoco cicci

flu getting spreading
wind getting cooling
sky getting darking

unresolved issues
here and there
all over the world

walking thru shrine
lots old trees
make us relax

battle sound
running emergency
bloody end

white russia
pale moscow
frozen cube

get the time back
get the laugh back
get the sorrow back

changing face
changing mind
changing situation

horrible invisible fear
load into the vain
shot the itself

getting cold evening
with cool wind
passing thru tokio lane

bonn anniversaire!
kunio et arthur
:) :) :)

white america
more shout and twist than
die another day

tokio trendy food
hot petit choco croissant
hot baked sweet potato stand

no cool autumn tokio
messy outfit
short sleeves pants leather boots knitted vest muffler

humpty dumpty tokio
empty smapy objet
where dou you gou ?

hard and rush
rain an fall
light and dark

humid summer back
make us tired
autumn is where

they stole yukiko's design ?
too similar ones at kiddyland
but not cute and lovely

overbearing foreigners

tanaka fest again
now for nobel_prize
thru passed no_bell_price

looking for 2003 calendar
want easy to read and write
pls do not chain me!

u might think ur good
u might think ur wonderful
yes u might know u hav the smart

eminen's white america
super visual teamwork
clap clap clap!

sardine lots decreasing
cause of sea temp?
oh high-rank fish now!

bubble-age japs has the pride
to be just japs

disappointed and real
more quick and enthusiastic
work with other asian people

voice and move
after a while
seems to be aged

web designer's b-day
seeing another world
going another world

backing to summer
but wearing trendy boots
hot and odd

cicci 1st happi b-day
lacci 13th happi b-day
necci welcome after 1-year asleep

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