_____tokio_ 0211_bow_____
by ichico

hair cut
after 6 months
exact on the same day

getting tired
still tired lot
already tired much

need more time
to concentrate
on finding out

the girl found the light exit
but too small for me
brake bigger and got to up

following-down one bronze small girl
in a big cave
to catch a small light

seems to be sick
had a black dream
going down down

my condition
getting tired
hard to move

went to hori's doll exhibition
15th anniversary
but disappointed

went to jin's exibition
so fine very fine
drawn by invisible silver pen

met one guy
talked much
but on perfect time

macromedia seminar
so poor agent service
as always

adobe v_up seminar
very interesting
with nice original t :)

crazy beauties
in the car
bow wow!

ginkgo trees
changing the colros
mat yellow mat

working on vaio note, imac and ip switching
nice guys helped much
the sky will catch the snow

crazy service hard to understand
need router for plural pcs
but transfer speed is so so okay

switching to yahoo bb 12mb
poor news, delivery, manual
tired too much

tsb live at shinjuku loft
ranta crazzy as usual
baby buggy crazzy as well

one lady looking selecting
picking and smiling
to the some colored leaves

french-like mannequins backs
blond hairs thru show window

sunny cool autumn
many kimono kids
getting-colored trees behind

cold tokio
grayish trees around
straight and long

walking aside
up and down
many times

listening to lots
hearing to lots
hard to distinguish?

100gram potato 100yen
tokio price
might be expensive

baked sweet potatoes
most trendy food
glamorous gals' favorite

celebration events in meijijinguu
lots sake happi mikoshi
gathering traditional beauty

cold town
hot crowd
culture day holiday

just night before 3-day-holiday
drinking with nice yakitori
interesting talk of shen

winter wind
blowing into the trees
touching remaining raindrops

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