_____tokio_ 0302_bow_____
by ichico

getting stronger yen
getting oily barrel up
getting bloody economic down

got a good disk space
without any smart attack
just need to be smart wise

need more disk space
unnecessary any land space on net
a peaceful resolution with a persistent inspeciton

pressure for peace
ah ?
under pressure for fear

wet snow in tokio
reconstructing lots on streets
always at the end of fisical year

don't run down
to the hell
who will pull up?

don't count down
to the end
who decided?

found london pret a manger
so so nice expensive sandwich
getting worse in japan though?

been seeing colors
bright and dark
harmonize anywhere anytime

been thinking eye colors
very various very serious very persistent
even for dolls

amazing live net tv
in particular from france
matured - not old

renewal much work
to get a new chain
here on net

watched BBC midnight
huge march rally live
what's moral for war?

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