_____tokio_ 0303_bow_____
by ichico

march end
war march not end yet
to where for what?

a little windy cold
a little early cherry blossoms
but kids are always playing around

u just like to hate
u just like to curse
u just like to destroy all

found apricot pink blossoms
tiny and beautiful
more flowers and smiles please!

643,000,000,000,000 yen
japan debt ...
hard to count accurate zeros

violent sand/rainstorming season
coming guerrilla bombings season
getting heater that land

graduation season
coming cherry blossoms season
getting warmer tokio


crying boy
angry mother
who did it?

saw the combined cg banner on bbc
red dot was bound up with red lines
must know the global disgrace

very beautiful sky tokio
on the vernal equinox holiday
also International Day
for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

not want hurt sorrow struggle
want be warm
pray - soul of ogres

as if the death mask
as if the funeral jacket
as if the curse words

train runs to the terminal
see in the rotary
then goes to the new destination

black island chat
legal or illegal
sink down or rise up

rainy cold tokio
not easy to live on
not easy to the holy days

pale-pink graduation lilies
walking with vivid kimono
facing spring blowing

ate good stuff in a restaurant
very usual tokio midnight street
no passing any bombs

weird close 13
standing middle 6
no late 4 the turn

uneasy sky
in the darkness
hell song!

downing count down
years < could wait
10 days > cannot wait why?

touch to the cold wind
look up the cheeky cloud
listen to the whispers

if u can b visible
u will imagine more
if invisible so sorry

sunny sky beautiful
pink blossoms beautiful
coming the season beautiful

nikkei back to 1983
before that bubble
can we back to restart?

stepping to spring
windy dusty city
hazy gray tokio

u just want hate
u just want kill
u just see lose all

on-net is so
easy creation not
easy communication not

girls dolls festival
wish warm heart days
for all girls

hard rain thunder
strong wind sweeper
odd atmosphere tokio

shiny warm tokio march
sneaky worm o-o march
sissy arm p-p march

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