_____tokio_ 0310_bow_____
by ichico

top tuned engineers
bottom untuned banks
real paradox japan

so strong rayon tokio
just like hot summer
cause of flare?

hot tokio 25.5c
+178.21 nikkei 10,739.22
yen strong 108.12 / dollar weak

switched faster server
lucky thanks 123
now get to do up

weired bug server
non appear non coonect

cause much uploading?

sunny hot sunday
dirty dry air
itchy ouch throat

no time to go
no mime to wear
no lime to talk

working on on
checking one one
typing oner oner

big descent tokio market
complicated tangle bungle
downing more where to go

rainy crowded shibuya
visited bisque doll show
settled down very in general

renewal open
one day late present :)

happy b-day
arthur et kunio
et my real dad

visited kawagoe matsuri
only 11 carts
too quiet!

too short UNofficial stop
badcome party
at THAT official house

weird noisy crows
hate policeguy jam
hate traffic jam

ptting away tiny things
much of unnecessary things
just like in this world

a little big in tokio
in despair just enjoy NOW

switch to sudden cold
teeter totter sky
very link to this country

hard rain sudden
very warm sweat
everything wet humid

warm morning sunday
out-season flowers appearing
weird? no maybe so natural

3 days off started
strange sky atomos
looks so tired why

no government
no cabinet
at the very essential apo

crows are backing
in meiji shrine and yoyogi park
fighting for the new area again

arny won
familiar austrian english
for what starting sign

almost done
that noise
after work

eating little
recovering little
getting little

still in bed
now bad stomachache
ache! ache! ache! ><

maybe cause of sept heat
maybe cause of much eat-out
maybe cause of that noise

my bday
sped in a bed
tired of much work

yesterday bday
happy to our all mascots
wait for some cakes!

finished one job
first oct early morning
with fragrant olive smell

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