_____tokio_ 0311_bow_____
by ichico

nov is ending
sunday is ending
how is 2003 rest going?

hard cold rain
could not have the chance again
to refresh brains sigh

heavy working on
must resee system
must restand environment

things fowarding anyway
must earn anyway
must survive anyway

spot sun thru the clouds
little itchy eyes
tokio city is as usual busy

wet rainy tokio
just like my hometown
hate humid cold

getting windy cold
hard day for outgoing
want hot soup

tired in 3-off-holidays
spent in a bed
fatigue still remain

visited kawagoe again
so so well sighseeing people
disgusted by many cars though

weird cawing crows
may occur some quakes?
often here in these islands

visited asakusa tori-no-ichi
people buying illuminated decoration
wishing rich and happy 2004

must back the previous year's decoration before the entrance

so gorgeous!

held short ceremony when you purchase middle/big one

so huge decoration is very expensive around 1 million

cicci bought the first tiny one :)
behind colorful one is for my mom
All Photos by Kunio - November 20, 2003

everything is going fast
too fast she my old friend said
maybe so huge scramble tokio

still have fatigue
so so different from hometown
here in tokio city

nikkei 9,786.83 -380.23 down
terro tokio target
give up sending troops

hard rain different
much humid different
dark rayon different

good seafood stuff
very fresh reasonable
taste nice enjoyable

hard to sleep
too noisy highway bus
broken old roads

got truffe again!
only 1,000 yen / 11 pcs.
from china so so nice

cicci plays with truffe?
Photo by Kunio - November 13, 2003

humid windy hot cold
sudden quake
thundercloud like hell city

Tokyo Straight Band Close after 10 years
Come on, Ranta, Hiroshi, Motcky, Makoto, Jun!
You are the Crazy Rock'n Rollers!

visited ikuko's exhibition
at rebubbly ginza
ladies fluttering at cartier lv prada...

Sisters #1 - Doll by Ikuko Miyazaki
Photo by Kunio - November 8, 2003

election day
too much fictious wars
too much real victims

hot>< heat><
tokio up 26 around they say
take off - being cami!

getting little active
in pret a manger shinjuku
close decision done though

really busy time
really want space
no way just ahead

.com foreign visitors increasing
to see what wondering

things are going
time is going
how about this space?

went to an easy restaurant
celebrate 1 month late b-days
nice but too rich sweets

3-days-off started
many people around
little bubble atmos

spent our tax?
5 hundred million yen? or a billion yen!??
for the 5 kiddnapped back???

too quiet kawagoe festival! come on!!
Photo by Kunio - October 19, 2003

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