_____tokio_ 0312_bow_____
by ichico

re-ending to when
who decided?
re-starting from when?

dull end again
hate end again
hate holidays again

want no move
want no eat
want perfect asleep

finish the despatch
still much work though
getting so tired

ending work hard
switching dash vacance
or just resting

rescue that girl
save that girl
warm that girl

buzzy street run-ahead
buzzy work must-end
buzzy drink go-crazy

no eve no xmas
none more angels
out of atomos

emperor b-day holiday
feel already passed
that xmas mood

some of illuminating
wildfire!? ><

illumination trends much
here 'n there tokio
just like calming

so so cold
so so windy
snowing over japan

ybb no connect
for 3 business days!?
w/out any pre info!!!

despatching many eyes
to the dolls awaiting
they can go see out now

re-see that girl
on the corner she sits
a little with damaged

in yoyogi park
she plays with ginkgo
she lays in yellow flies

non stop working
busy term till end
again running this week

very sunny blue sky tokio
went to jingu for pray
pray for all peace

better days lunch
a little not-enough
better bread prefer

one step closer
to iraq for what
know what they want?

we want no pain
we want no hate
we want no bombs

getting little wet
they say cold tokio
no, warmer than last year

jingu gaien ginkgo in 2003 early winter
Photo by Kunio - December 5, 2003

jingu gaien ginkgo in 2002 late autumn
Photo by Kunio - November 23, 2002

busy with eyes
itchy check eyes
many colorful eyes

before xmas atomos
lots illumina streets
even here on shinto island

no feel sunday
endless net work
want more time

soso biggy ginza
soso beauty ginza
soso happy ginza

i saw mac new bldg in ginza
i saw fall stop fall stop rain ginza
everything seems to be as usual

It's a hole of greenery where a river sings
Hanging crazily the silver rags on the grass,
Where the sun shines from the proud mountain,
It's a little valley where the ray foams.

A young soldier sleeps, mouth opened, bareheaded,
And the nape of his neck in the blue cold watercress;
He is stretched himself out in the grass, under the cloud,
Pale in his green bed where the light rains

His feet in the gradiolus, He sleeps.
Smiling like a sick child, He takes a nap:
Nature, cradle him warmly, he feels cold.

The perfumes does not make him sniff;
He sleeps in the sun, his hand on his quiet breast.
He has two red holes in his right side.

                                                       Arthur Rimbaud
   October 1870

Translated by Kunio Monji on March 1st, 2003

The "gradiolus" means a sword, a soldier or a combat.  The word comes from Latin "gladius" that means a sword.  Because the shape of the leaf is just like a sword.  M. Claude Duchet says that this gradiolus is the iris in the swamp in Ardenne, which has yellow flowers in June and July.

could no hear any more
could no tell any more
closed black voices make fictitious history

sunny busy windy
scooone blue sky high
gingko yellow carpet foot

h2 blast down at last
no big surprise though
never true result for tech people

busy monday dec starts
still crazy working on
but want a stop for remind

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