_____tokio_ 0401_bow_____
by ichico

still working on moving
our server to japan
from silicon valley

damn 390yen ramen
should have not eaten
thirsty swollen uncomfortable

jinnah spinach curry
very interesting taste
safer without beef...

shinjuku 10c warmer
than yesterday cold night
walk walk walk sigh

hate oedo line
too underground
too complicated!!! ><

rob gonna start
study excel wow
do hope efficient control

dipped in excel 2000
i am so often now
ouch knight gates

opened lots lots
packages eyes eyes
cheking endless wow

non-scary funny monsters
celebrate aiko's b-day
in a shinjuku jail

oh old pc case
oh broken fdd
oh ... work well?

only 10 days to end jan
too fast days
want more relax cafe time

very sunny kawagoe
got nice groceries again :)
got headache again ><

heard wet rainy sounds
early dawn outside
quiet here marching there

buzzy buzzy buzzy
hard work no sleep
till little-rainy morning

getting cold tokio
falling little snow
avoiding outside filling inside

michael jumps on the limo
sad eyes under black glasses?
innocence over white armband?

wanna say hi to the guys
visiting here every day from abroad!
wanna show you more tokio :)

visited a major dept doll show
expensive dolls sold much
poor revenue to the artists

saw few kimono girls in shinjuku
with sleepy hollow makeup
digicame-mobile on left & tobacco on right hands

coming 20-year-old celebration day
missed to take pics of kimono ladies at shrine
sorry enjoy duck colors just like kimono pattern

mandarin duck in meiji jingu shrine
Photo-CG by Kunio - January 11, 2004

sunny sunday wedding
at meiji jingu shrine
you no see her horns!

the bride put a special white hood on to hide her horns.
japanese wives are often like ogres...!?

until wedding, the brides hide their horns but after wedding...
they are getting stronger than grooms... ><
Photos by Kunio - January 11, 2004

ate at ygp mcdonald
really better than yoyogi
curry roll ad so ugly though

shinjuku soso cold 6c temp
still soso dull workers
just before 3holidays again

very usual work on
very usual days on
changing defenitely though

streaming out lots
copy bands lots
those past harajuku guys

immortal you hope?
now you hope?
troops or guards?

monday work start
nikkei start up
yen start up

woke up anyway
started up anyway
typed up anyway

watching poor shots
petit-bubble coming again
go abroad go buy!

dull sleepy
pull snoopy
full sticky

happy happy happy
2004 2005 2006
hope keep on!

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