_____tokio_ 0402_bow_____
by ichico

olympic leap year end
still remind sarin gas attack march
pang bang hang

jun's solo piano live
sudden joint violinist and singer
real pro work superb!

crazy bird flu
exploding from ugly kyoto
hate their business style

just typing text on web
just pasting pics on web
so easy none creation she said huh

still february really
so warm winter really
pink & white plum blossoms

sleepy spring coming?
so lazy dull
so warmy sunlights

too late up though
show you the photos
by satoko coming home very soon

Paris Album by Satoko

chateau de Fontainebleau _30_08_04_ - all photos by Satoko

re-up kunio's movie
for the memory of the dream
created by yuriko & tacji

shinjuku west exit place
shut shops why
plice guys herethere

warming up tokio
increasing up yen
highest terror really?

up fukurow performance at last
should watch great noh-like dance
with mechanical mobile objet

completely no clouds
very blue sky up morning
on me little sleepy dazzling

yozakura >> night cherry blossoms
the weather like
warm! april! central tokio!

drinking noisy guy
what a spring coming really!

spring wind coming
hyuuuun waaaaarm
fires increasing too

none chocola
none time
none got! ><

sunny still cold
little cloudy rainy
hey valentine eve!

10 days skip!
was so buzzzy
with too much misc!

still working on moving
our server to japan
from silicon valley

hold on!

lots shuji on a wall of meiji jingu main shrine

an egret flying fast not to ba taken

a mandarin duck swimming fast to get the feed
Photos by Kunio - January 25, 2004

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