_____tokio_ 0403_bow_____
by ichico

steamy atmos fall
hard cold rain fall
downing to the daemon

little boy little girl
so far away from moms
b careful to tokio daemon hidden

long top pigtails shinjuku girl
walking hug a donald duck
in rolita white pink

foreign lady polite eat-out-noodle
foreign boy polite smile-to-me
who are enjoying ohanami

cherry blossom petit party at yoyogi park :)
Photo by Kunio - March 28, 2004

sunny warm at last
lots people out
for sakura blossoms

big tragedy at the end
roppongi hills mori tower
revolving door crashed 6-year-old boy

rainy pay day
crowdy banky day
gaudy pushy day

skip spring out ?
skip veges out ?
skip biz out ><

go fight killy there
so chaos messy there
ho looks ordinary here

joe too worked
enable to boot
disable to fastrun

japanese comedian cho-san
well loved much
passed away goodbye

worst memorial day
sarin and aghdad
spring equinox though

stomachache lots mmm
scowl lots mmm
unsleep lots mmm

toyama tulip flower lines
stand on omotesando
harajuku sta platform

warm windy tokio
cherry blossoms comes earlier?
lots drank as usual

let not settled
let not laid
let sweep homeless people

tokio downtown small park
fading blue bench
wood center devide u know why?

park bench
Photo by Kunio - March 10, 2004

rika.f5 one-man first live
everybody enjoyed so much

just before the live cicci with rika!?
Photo by Kunio - March 14, 2004

got yoshinoya pork-don
so long waiting peple
only 250 yen great-eat-out

change to sudden rain
change to sudden pain
change to sudden vain

really getting hot
downtown 22c shinjuku
walking lots sweatering lots

very warm outside
though too hot inside
more than cold days why!?

walking naughty guys
bleeding fumes impolite
tokio skelton girls, too!

very critical chicken flu
kyoto sigh sigh sigh
make us disappointed again

big full moon tonight
too big to find
hide sometimes beyond high bldgs

free wine service
driking much in a liquor store
getting drunk oh guy!

mr nagashima mr giant
nippon everybody anxious
so big influence to all

talking on a pub_phone
to nobody just enjoying speaking
oh shinjuku homeless guy

girls dolls festival
wish happy healthy lovely
everywhere in the world

up nikkei 11,300 yen 109yen
so exhausted killing tons chickens
40-year-old asakusa sanpei store burned

sudden turn to cold!
sleety tokio morning
march begings though

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