_____tokio_ 0404_bow_____
by ichico

so busy with work so
all eyes all
lots around me lots

holiday of green
beautiful blue sky no clouds sunny
showa emperor mystic magic

just before golden week
soso hot tootoo windy
buzzy shinjuku streets

cicci at binkake cafe, takada
Photo by Kunio - April 10, 2004

what if nobody cares
what if nobody shares
what if nobody looks

bumpy kids in cherry blossom park, takada
Photo by Kunio - April 11, 2004

nobody could get the real
watch touch feel
thru their endeavor

long rest sorry
been watching thinking
disappointed very much

always noisy helico in my ears
backing to my hometown
to see that cherry blossoms again

cherry blossom at night, takada
Photo by Kunio - April 10, 2004

real watched euronews video
what is he saying
from the throat pushed knife on

prayed at meiji jingu
with cicci together
still helico noisy on us

hysteric mummy killed her 7-year-son
mummy changed his clothes to pyjamas
mummy laid him on bed funeral?

hysteric mummy cut her 4-month-baby
he still smiles to mummy though
smiling defense run from death mummy?

morning quake bad sleeping
got to go to work!
what a nightmare, oh><

exhausted to what
exhausted to phantom
exhausted to memory

one big cherry blossom up
one tiny park center at
one couple petit party beneath

welcome again kentaro
kampai again kentaro
new days begin kentaro

april fool lie?
black & white lie?
what could lie?

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