_____tokio_ 0405_bow_____
by ichico

again hotter steamer ouch
as if windy typhoon ouch
sudden little rain cooler wow

botero sculpture exhibition at ygp
Photos by Kunio - May 27, 2004

hot 31.7c tokio last may sunday
hot 71st nippon derby recorded 2'23"3
3 king kamehameha & 44 ando katsumi won!

known 51-year-old actress
did chanson singer debut
express another actress being

people are changing
lazy, noisy, untidy
little re-bubble bubbling

cut at hair salon
after 1 year while
became... like young samurai!?

still always again
strange weather!
steamy windy sunny

much typing here i beat
much talking there i must
much thinking fair i project

so bizzy week started
need more time
to see more clearly

6 bands joint live
sakuya better nice!
euro >< steamy crazy!

tough illegal issues hate!
poor foxy too much hate!
no time to stupid guys hate!

attended innocence making seminar
thank to the all backscene superb top creators
big compliment behind the cannes never shown

walk lots kagurazaka
look for better flat
for better life time tokio

getting steamy hotter
sticky uncomfortable air
t1 & 2 r comin oh no so so big

oh you moved? :)
grown up? :)
got married? :)

smelling good clover folowers, meiji jingu
Photos by Kunio - May 16, 2004

very polite neat line
let's celebrate nad take pics
much much much

traditional wedding, meiji jingu
Photos by Kunio - May 16, 2004

been non-stop so busy days
rest in the wood necessary
much relaxed by the breath air

north gate, meiji jingu
Photo by Kunio - May 16, 2004

met him after 2 years
became younger more active
let's open a shop with mannequins

attacked much to the kidnapped guys & lady
why never attack to pm
even for pension non-payment

got down to a different world
very suddenly strangely
even in ikebukuro central tokio

getting steamy lots
one month early hots
to the rainy pots

heat! up up up
over 30c center tokio
fire cluster burning

- 554.12 nikkei 10,884.70
oxidizing after golden
rainy windy insane sky

how many people can
get the quiet end
to go alone

went to akiba
euro got got gotcha :)
not only electric but also figure zone

prof s passed away in silent
no announce no funeral
just said goodbye on letter

lots green humid
central shinjuku crouds
still dizzy just after gw week

boys celebration holiday
girls like small pretty boys like girls!
boys like big tough girls like boys?

have to go again
have to see again
have to work again!

getting bad weather
getting bad condition
getting bad sleep

meiji jingu spring festival
found a foreign lady from munich
with very beautiful dresden eyes

special traditional dance "urayasu no mai" at meiji jingu shrine
Photos by Kunio - May 2, 2004

fi-doll party event
rika performs better
more heavy punky!? :)

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