_____tokio_ 0406_bow_____
by ichico

dizzy nose weird
cause of too hot maybe
take a rest anyway

next one is t8
as usual so humid
as usual so hate

eminen sings too fast too fast
now how do he sing?
too insanity too insanityyyyy!

met devil on a stage
changed devil on a street
1 decade passed about

weird designed plants plans
blue hydrange under the tree
tokio rainy bay area WANG GANG!

Photos by Kunio - June 9, 2004

nation debt worst
7.3 trillion yen / total
5.5 million yen / person

took a shower
took an air conditioner
took a work domestic hate go out

they say cloudy
so i go out
oh liar suuuuuny!

t6 has passed
yes, what a blue sky!
no clouds but big hot!

crazy rainy windy monday
at least 10,000 umbrellas might be broken away
at least 100,000 cheap umbrellas might be sold new

very big typhoon
bite big nippon area
anyway hot anywhere!

t6 coming okinawa
tokio got steam hot
so easy to get dull

passing lots people
black lots wearing
outfit parasol and mind

checked refrige many
better price & efficiency
still made in japan better than lg

used to b rainy seaon
might to b ended
dip into be heeeeeeat!

they say get most
they say get money
i say get really?

neat kid girl toddling
getting hungry! asking mom
none poor tokio seems to

must get back work
must check one by one
oh weird-looking eyes!?

stomache again pain
weekend again pain
drug spam much mails pain

tired of maybe alone
tired of maybe time
tired of maybe hot

typing lots alone
neting lots alone
buzzytime lots alone

shutter ed princess
prison ed princess
flyless ed princess

used to copy his pronunciation
saying "well..." with that smile
such humorous guy we miss

fast windy clouds
fast run and pass
over the shinjuku illuminations

slept all sunday
tired of steamy weather
guess more heat hell ><

2 boys in the wood
talking in silent
have i met them before?

strong hot exhausted
deep sleep exhausted
eat-out freshness burger night

fond a nice quality room at last
lucky found downtown tokio
space the most costly

patty-patty makeup on a train
lippy-lippy makeup on a train
oh what an artificial junior-high girl made!

11-year-old girl killed 12-year-old girl
attacked by a small cutter knife
10cm deptch bloodshed on her neck

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