_____tokio_ 0407_bow_____
by ichico

t10 is still
quick-walking around self
japan heat island wall!


much ad mail
win_xp usd49.95
87% save wowowow

start to work
start to watch
start to write

step to wake
step to move
step to ready

need to cool
need to drink
need to tough

oh friday already
oh hot still
oh continue on?

b in down
b in bad
b in asleep

very tired
very hate
such heat over tokio

tokio 39.5c pot
over 40.0c pot
in real... pot

flood lots run
niigata fukushima run
then fukui run

mid sunday of
3-day-off holiday
uncomfortable-like atmos quake

met blue cat
with green eyes
in mihoko's drawings

what's up night?
shinjuku west place
always buzzy drama

just cleaning bldg walls
just outside under burning sun
just guys keep on hard

bastille day
cold weather this year
heat disaster last year

tokio bonbon obon worship
ancestors come back home
treat w/ best season fruits & veges

dull to do anything
dull to think anything
dull to have anymonday! ><

little air-temp-down day
little poll-raito-down day
little tokio-up though

who knows the happiness
what is the happiness
nobody cannnot judge

cannot find cool t-shirts
cannot find cool pants
boys&girls self-coordinate great

every day say
hot heat beat
all island bomby burn

tanabata bata bata
milky melty way
heating seeing once a year

take a nice nutritious plate lunch
at l'artemis every tuesday
good breath for such so steamy period

too much cough
maybe cuase of this
humid hot typhoon air all around

put tefu-tefu butterfly doll
among bluish hydrangea
last rainy chance

paro got new glasses
with moon blue frame
too clear for reading!? :)

they live near here
they like to be taken
they want more pics?

2 models over the window
Photo by Kunio - July 2, 2004

slept almost day
might be tired
too much stiff shoulders why

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