_____tokio_ 0408_bow_____
by ichico

huge t16 so windy rainy
hard hitting blowing
even in tokio far from though

i am dipped in
mp new designer polymer eyes
many beautiful colors

landing one still t16 very slowly
landing one more gold very honestly
landing one big japanese product very strongly

taking a bath of polymer eyes like
much of eyes looking at me like
most blue so similar like

harajuku daiso shop
almost products 105 yen
we love much :)

huge t16 coming
getting steamy as usual
thick gray devil sky

old shinjuku volga
full of business guys
switched from artists?

survival marathon race
tough with steamy heat
amazing super athlete mizuki

green day pv watched
so so pop'n roll
not bad not bad so so

athens medals jipang upping
get more expecting
money muscle winning

tokio ginza steamy yah
shiseido redesigned trendy yah
bay wall cover sticky yah

getting little cooler night
just feel so right
even 30c under day light

34.5c heater tokio
t15 blowing flood
the oven earth!

beeeen storm
beeeen hurricane
beeeen typhoon

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