_____tokio_ 0409_bow_____
by ichico

t21 big biting
running on nippon island
except tokio meltyland again...

car wash christina watched pv
rough animation rhythm
so superb traditional than steamboy

a little getting cooler?
but still little humid?
yes still coming typoon

watched extrait steamboy
on allocine.fr
very smooth even in french

things are just messy
things are not complicated
things are not difficult

meiji jingu woods
seem to be all safe
after windy rainy t18

911 everybody knows
things nobody knows
tragedy behind outrage

surprised with collision
with a big black one
rushing bow wow ... ><

endless routine work
eye ache little
get sleepy little

typhoon so big
quake so so big
next one what's?

ghost fow fow t18
ghost gow gow t18
coming from the jingu woods

send red roses
to both sides
full of sadness all over

please don't cover it so under
please don't take it so under
please don't bury it so under

disgusting! such discrimination
disgusting! such battle
disgusting! such killing

hard to see
hard to hear
hard to pray

something sicky in mind
anything sticky in air
everything stingy in sky

heat tokyo wall after t16
got see bride&groom open hot car
straighten uv ginza avenue

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