_____tokio_ 0410_bow_____
by ichico

found the guy - trick or treat
cut off the head - trick or treat
covered the stars&stripes - trick or treat

rob gave me one song on net
Takin' My Country Back
mosh > = < mosh

no images
no symp
nobody's home

2-year-old boy yuta rescued
after 93 hours from the rubble
very tough survival luck

young guy kidnapped
again in iraq
just as a tourist???

little skinny clinton
smile face no change
missed book-promotion in japan though

long silence me
dull mind me
just nerve me

continuing big quakes
feel even here tokio lots
just like as carsick

deadly big quakes
close to my hometown
never connect tel

live vs rakuten
heating the battle up
before the ball ground

first snow on mt. fuji
15 days later than last year
getting colder japan

happy birthday to kunio
happy birthday to dad
happy birthday to arthur

still stomach aouch
cause of fest-foods maybe
getting hate takoyaki... ><

japanese gods walk around
at kawagoe matsuri
as these fi-dolls :)

introducing each town's festival cart

performance battle gathering 6 towns/festival carts at fuda no tsuji
Photos by Kunio - October 17, 2004

Kawagoe Festival English Version - 12'35"

ADSL 256Kbps or higher

Video taken in 1993 - 1995
Video Cam + Edit: Kunio / eyedia.com
Narration: Text by Kunio, Translated and Narrated by ichico / eyedia.com
Copyright : 2001 / MICROMEDIA

thanks and good-bye to dolls
annual memorial ceremony at meiji jingu
the most 39,500 dolls' soul departed

Photos by Kunio - October 17, 2004

eye checking lots
no sleep on night
detailed tough eye work

so so fine sky
after cloudy rainy
much of typhoons

watched final tv debate on net
he moved too much
might be bad for the brain ... oh none!?

veges so expensive ><
cause of many typhoons
they say but doubt!

7 youngs died together
2 women died together
after net suicide meet'g

everybody never superman
everybody wants superman
everybody thanks superman

nouvelle chante concert
met many singers
very skillfull entertainers

Mihoko Fujita Chanson Debut Show at Rufuran
Video Pics by Kunio - May 29, 2004

hard raining early morning
walking thru meiji jingu woods
nobody but mushroom stands

north gate of meiji jingu woods

standing white mushroom just after the previous night rain
Photos by Kunio - October 9, 2004

honda aoyama showroom bldg
akasaka imperial palace woods
t22 strong shower winds

none wmd they say
innocence they say
sacrifices they cannot say

vice dice rolling
boyfriend pushes pacemaker
on clashed iraq desert

nail pealing abuse
by 30_old assistant nurse
the only temp being abused

rainy cooler tokio
humid short sleeves enough
heating dept inside unhealthy

happy b-day to me
many greetings to ichiro
make ichico happier ;-)

toys & dolls at togo shrine antique market
Photo by Kunio - July 4, 2004

ichiro got the hit
ichico got the congratulate e-mail why...

happy birthmonth!
all our mascot pals!!
all our family!!

happy birthday!!! cicci & necci!
Photo by Kunio - October 1, 2004

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