_____tokio_ 0412_bow_____
by ichico

monkey 2004 year ending
after 21 years tokio snowing
cock 2005 year coming

cold tokio clear sky
can see through far
good no car gas

cotton fall snow
grayish lace tokio
fume chat girls

terror by whom !?!
fight with whom !?!
pray for whom !?!

tremendous tsunami attacked
japan's more fear height
speread worst damages out

nice weather tokio
big quake in asia
just after xmas mare

none xmas anymore
here tokio low-mood
but osaka kyoto little more high

glass illumination eve at art cafe 1107 - ebisu tokio

jun @ ebisu art cafe 1107
Photos by Kunio - December 24, 2004

illumination eve
jun played hendel's messiah
300 up years come back

japanese new year decoration
already at the entrance
very few santa goods & cakes

just before xmas ginza
sweety cuty licca-chans :)
@ shampoo xmas window display

TAKARA Licca-chan figures @ TAYA Shampoo hair salon xmas window display
Photo by Kunio - December 22, 2004

gateaux much ate
from kyoto paro worked
traditional raw yatsuhashi bon!

new cafe restaurant increasing :)
new apparel maker shops increasing ;)
vacant designers mansion increasing ><

in the yoyogi park
on ginkgo melange-colored carpet
good bye to siera

with HD monitoring doll siera
Photo by Kunio - December 19, 2004

otaru bambi caramel
sapporo furuya caramel
revival taste joy

with nostalgic designed caramel
Photo by Kunio - December 10, 2004

just cold they say so
just windy they feel so
just spring warm i really so!

xmas dinner show
chanson singer tadafumi sato
he is now he is :)

Photo by Kunio - December 16, 2004

rainy windy heavy
warm marm harm
bare branch ginkgo fell downaway

walk 2004 dec 246 street
not so cold so so dark
stand line ginkgos

jingu-gaien ginkgo street
click the above pic for the bigger one
Photo by Kunio - December 3, 2004

j'adore virgin recital
chanson singer tadafumi sato
avec jun fukamachi

fascinating tadafumi dances in luxurious kimono by itchiku kubota
Photo by Kunio - December 3, 2004

buzzy days on
paro pics on
put lots on

sunny wed ceremony at meiji jingu
Photo by Kunio - November 28, 2004

shinjuku isetan d&g mannequins
luxurious display 4-yeas-ago endseason
economic little better now but nothin like

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