_____tokio_ 0501_bow_____
by ichico

watching the ceremony
after 60 years passed
on net abroad never on domestic

u2 video clip new
all because of you
all boring because of you

go go cafe 369
ate caramel cheese cake
not bad but tired

operator dept lady
of ygp mitsukoshi
did not listen to me><

took a lots nap
for tomorrow work on
my eyes lots up

check inspect mp eyes
so so better than before
various colors & designs!

chilly windy tokio
passing dogs wear
colorful weird clothes

winter sunny days
clouds turn red
by jammed gas downtown

africa - reflective evening in shinjuku
Photo by Kunio - January 20, 2005

found ume-japanese apricot
in hatomori shrine
spring is walking to

special glasses wear
special masks wear
the kids protecting from pollen

kids & moms i see lots
old people i see lots
downtown population is increasing

moms do anything
for kids too much
get them junky foods

got erecta white shelf
great nice adjustable
welcome for my work re-start! :)

snowy weekend tokio
wet cold no lights
we are so busy with cleaning still

dusty old analog books
much we have had...
exchange recycle at library

have to do still clean-up
our work area messy
to make smooth efficient work

real work start from today
after national holiday included
everything is busy going

20-year-old celemony
traditional classic beauty
exactly backing i feel

nice smiling pair 20s!

a little nervous...

cute earings withon kimono

not only just-white shawls, found like these melange ones

very charming smile!

many foreign photographers are taking pics of her

maybe cause of her maiko-like hair style

very colorful trio ladies

she is the no.1 heroin just at front of meiji jingu shrine
she is surrouned by the crowd!!

oh, nippon mobile kimono lady! ;-)
perhaps... she is mixed; tall, long legs and with natural ash-brown hair

gate to jingu-bashi & harajuku sta.
still so many people coming to pray
Photos by Kunio - January 10, 2005

noriyo flies to bali
very luck away from tsunami
good see you back after 2 months

so so cold weather
but the rayon is like spring
here very peaceful so pray

a little quiet meiji jingu

wedding passing-thru display ceremony
Photos by Kunio - January 8, 2005

tsunami took everything
even very memorial
very important very very ...

clean messy clean
much unused things
but some memorial...

cleaning re-start!
but need it!

feel tired of
sleep tired of
dream tired of

went to a hospital
to see my mom-in-law
where do you see and go?

2004 end pics

meiji jingu north gate
click for larger one!

21 years later snow on new year's eve

yamano hair school window display

celebration for the engagement

various styling

rosemary bath taking lacci & cicci :)

dry well!

hip back, too, please! oh, by air-conditioning... ;-)
Photos by Kunio - December 31, 2004

hope happier new year 2005
do hope so strongly
did i say so last year start?

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