_____tokio_ 0504_bow_____
by ichico

sunshine tokio nippon
shanghai consulate our mirror
need to look real fact

sudden tired so so
go to sleep so so
go to re-start so so

quiet friday meiji jingu
only homeless guys enjoy
real cherry blossoms now

no clouds at all
just like fear sign ringing
to hell heat summer

black dog bare on a rainy street
no coat no hat no shoes weird
rare to see such natural dog

have complicated histories
have complicated emotions
have complicated communications

sudden cold rain
most of cherry blossoms
really ended this spring

over 80,000 people visited so windy
petals pale pink snowing beautiful
let's see again next spring you

cherry in the cherry blossoms of shinjuku imperial garden

Original Doll: Volks SD - Sakura, Customized by ARUGA, Doll Name: Cherry
Photos by Kunio - April 10, 2005

shinjuku imperial garden unexpected
kicked out people unfair
our pm's cherry blossom party unbelievable

mihoko's painting impressive
blue cat with green eyes
blue roses with triangle vase

looooong silence sorry
apricot tree again me again
whispering blossom joy

apricot tree
Photos by Kunio - March 31, 2005

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